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We are a multi-disciplinary integrated and interactive marketing communication consultants armed with young, creative, passionate and non-conformists team with a passion for building brands that resonate with the consumers and community. We help our clients develop interesting story that creates emotional bond between brands and consumers.

We are data driven. With that we make informed decisions. Our street-sense gives us great insights about the consumers and helps us to know what they buy, why they buy, who they buy, when they buy, where they buy and how they buy.

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Our Elephant &

Mouse Synergy

The elephant, deer, tiger, and mouse offered themselves to be elected and it was decided that they should have a series of contests between them to decide the matter. After the deer and tiger are eleminated, the mouse and the elephant compete in a duel. The mouse tried to beat and bite at the elephant but the elephant’s hide was thick. Because the elephant thought He was strong, he just sat and laughed at the mouse. The mouse got angry and finally climbed into the elephant’s ear. the elephant got afraid and stomped his feet. The mouse then got afraid and bit the the elephant’s eardrum as hard as he could. The elephant was in great pain and ran around and hit all the tree trunks. Even though the duel had ended at the time, the mouse realized that a new path had been created when the elephant cleared trees while struggling to shake him off. He decided to Make the elephant his partner so as to leverage on his super strength. They later agree to always work together because of the Elephants BIG stature and the Mouse’s BOLDness. Unlike the Classical David & Goliath, we combine the strength of the elephant and we continually find innovative ways to help you achieve your brand objectives like the mouse in our story.

Our Services

Our Offerings

Business intelligence

Our business intelligence encompasses a variety of applications and methodologies.

Consumer Insight

Our consumer insight helps us target audiences more effectively.

Emotional Connection

Emotions shape the attitudes that drive decisions and behavior.


Profitability is the primary goal of all business ventures.

Our Assets

‘Jide Adeyemi – CEO / Chief Brand Strategist
Oluranti Agunloye – Group COO
Damilare Ogunleye – Strategy Director
Gbenga Olusoga – Media Planning & Buying Director
Ehis Okunbor – Group Head, Operations
Busayo Hassan – Clients Engagement Manager
Israel Aibuedefe – Dir. of Innovation & Tech Development