About us


We are a multi-disciplinary integrated and interactive marketing communication consultants armed with young, creative, passionate and non-conformists team with a passion for building brands that resonate with the consumers and community. We help our clients develop interesting story that creates emotional bond between brands and consumers.

We are data driven. With that we make informed decisions. Our street-sense gives us great insights about the consumers and helps us to know what they buy, why they buy, who they buy , when they buy, where they buy and how they buy.


“We help our clients communicate the right message, design the best way to say it and use the most appropriate medium to disseminate it at the right time.”


In addition we go the extra mile to develop learning and development trainings handled with engaging activities that leads to knowledge in the area of brands, marketing, sales, retail, customer service, business and personal development to IMPACT and EMPOWER.

Whenever we are privileged to work on your brief in our ideas and strategy corner (for brand management or training), we’ll deliver and leave you with an #OrangeImpression . It’s our juicy mark of quality.

 Our Mantra – Quality, Speed & Cost Efficiency

Our Core Values are – Passion, Integrity, Innovation, Team Work, Excellence, Professionalism & Friendship.


Anything Contrary to the values is Un-Orange-Like.